Grand Prix Ball 2012

It's been a while since I updated this blog. Two reasons really. I was updating another blog but have since forgotten the login details and it's been so manic getting the Grand Prix Ball ready and planned that it hasn't left much time for anything else! So... after a long few months, the British Grand... Continue Reading →

The DHL Turkish Grand Prix

So that was the 2011 Turkish Grand Prix! What an event, and quite spectacular too. That is the second race in a row (that took place in dry conditions) to surprise and keep in awe the viewers - and even more so the hardened viewers and fans who have become accustomed to 'dull' (in relative... Continue Reading →

Busy two days in Italy

After two long days and early starts, I am now back in the UK. But what a trip! It was a first for me in motorsport. Having followed all motorsport for nearly 20 years, I had not yet been to a rally of any sort let alone a World Rally - so to see Sebastian... Continue Reading →

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