Busy two days in Italy

After two long days and early starts, I am now back in the UK. But what a trip! It was a first for me in motorsport. Having followed all motorsport for nearly 20 years, I had not yet been to a rally of any sort let alone a World Rally – so to see Sebastian Loeb set off on SS1 leaving only a dust trail behind was quite special indeed.

The purpose of being in Sardinia was working with a WRC sponsor (more on that soon – hopefully in the coming weeks.) It was a short trip but one of excitement and learning. Very pro-active you might say.

With any luck the next stop might be in Argentina for another dose of WRC and to capture a bit more excitement and fever!

Sardinia itself although a brief trip was great, very green, warm and sunny – everything you might expect from a mediterranean island really. On the Thursday evening the group I was with met up with the sponsor and we eventually settled on a fresh fish restaurant where upon we were presented with an array of fresh fish. It would be a bit crap if there wasn’t any after-all?!

On to the rally and the first and most important thing I noticed was the access. In comparison to circuit motorsport, the access is incredible, you are able to walk right up to where the competitors are checking in for the stage they are about to contest, take photos, touch the cars etc etc. To gain such access in any other form of motorsport at this level, would cost thousands. It is immediately clear to see why there is an attraction to a sponsor, the opportunity for customer engagement, interaction, VIP access, community building is all there and the platform for content offering just keeps delivering. While there VW announced that they will again enter the WRC with their Polo and with Mini taking part this weekend too –  for the first time in many a year the series is on the up and up. A good time to be introduced to WRC I feel.


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