The DHL Turkish Grand Prix

So that was the 2011 Turkish Grand Prix! What an event, and quite spectacular too. That is the second race in a row (that took place in dry conditions) to surprise and keep in awe the viewers – and even more so the hardened viewers and fans who have become accustomed to ‘dull’ (in relative terms) races.

There was passing every which way, and each time two cars came racing over the brow of the hill side by side, there was a split second where one thought back to 2010 when messrs Vettel and Webber took each other out of contention (and in Vettel’s case out of the race.)

All in all, it was an exciting, clean and adventurous race. Points of note that perhaps may not get covered elsewhere, were Jenson Button not really getting the best strategic service from McLaren and hence ‘wrecking’ his race, Kobayashi not really filling his potential (but then maybe the car just wasn’t up to it) and Massa finishing a poor 11th.

Here’s to an exciting Spanish Grand Prix! Now if that one turns out to be a thriller, the rules really will be deemed a success for although the teams don’t do an awful lot of testing there any more (and only in winter too,) they still do know it inside out.


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